Guatemala - Santa Ana
Cherry dried, Natural
Abrikoos, Perzik
Espresso, Filter

Dutch Barista Guatemala – Amatillo natural Pacamara


Uit Fernando’s varietal project hebben we dit waanzinnig lot kunnen bemachtigen. De duurzame en zorgvuldige teelt van nieuwe cultivars, experimentele verwerking en zorgvuldige kwaliteitscontrole zorgen tezamen voor een top eindresultaat.

Een “clean cup” zoals we dat gewend zijn van Santa Ana farms met een romig mondgevoel en hartige smaak van de Pacamara cultivar perfect in balans met oranje steenvruchten als perzik en abrikoos. Lekker zoet met een zachte en gebalanceerde sinaasappelaciditeit.

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Dutch Barista Coffee

I strongly believe in a perfect society. By rewarding everybody in the front lines of the supply chain I aim to create economic independence. With a decent income you don’t need to worry about rent, food on the table or education for your kids. This will give you a certain peace of mind which eventually leads to new thoughts and innovations. By creating a community were these ideas are shared, tried and put into action I try to build a better world for everybody. From farmers and agronomists, engineers of production machinery all the way to sales people we are all doing the best we can to showcase the full potential of the beautiful products we create. This common goal is in my opinion the best way to create a sustainable chain in the food industry.

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Over de farm

Guatemala - Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a multiple award-winning farm located south of Guatemala City. Fernando took over the operations of Santa Ana with the goal of producing outstanding coffee. He started farming coffee with the intention of just keeping it as a side project, but soon he was thinking about coffee more and more. It eventually turned from a side project to something that was constantly on his mind. Fernando went from a man with a coffee farm to a coffee farmer. He is slowly building his farm with new, healthier plants as well as some new experimental varietals. The methods that Fernando uses for his picking and processing are methodical with data collected at every step of the coffee’s life so he can look back and see what is best for his production. Fernando has a promising future and we are excited to work alongside him.

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