Rwanda - Abakundakawa Rushashi
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Ikigai Abakundakawa – Rwanda


In collaboration with This Side Up Coffees, Ikigai Coffee had the opportunity to make quality assessments of the majority of Rwandese coffee cooperatives for a project initiated by the Dutch CBI (Central Bureau for Imports) focusing on strengthening trade connections between The Netherlands and Rwanda. Tasting over 50 coffees from 30 Producer organisations and exporters we concluded that Rwandan coffee has amazing potential! It seemed to encompass many different flavour profiles varying from rich bodied hazelnut notes up until fruity, citrus and tealike notes. The overall quality was too good for the average market demand. Which is good for us, but unfortunate for the producers selling their products undervalued.

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Ikigai Coffee

Ikigai Coffee is dedicated to create more opportunities on both sides of the value chain with collaborate growth as result. By covering costs of production and living income, the coffee production becomes more sustainable and equitable. A great variety of value points can then be added. Our focus is on finding unique flavour profiles and taste notes. Coffee quality matters, human lives matter more. Combining the two creates a better cup for all.

Also, check out their coffee podcast on SPOTIFY  with real deal talks about the coffee industry.

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Over de farm

Rwanda - Abakundakawa Rushashi

All Rutabo village farmers deliver their ripe coffee cherries to the Rushashi washing station where it’s being processed. The coffee is fully washed and triple fermented: all coffee is hand picked, depulped, dry fermented for 12 hours, double wet fermented (2 x 18 hours), washed with mountain water, shade dried, then sun dried on raised beds. Farmers connected to the project currently receive 1.67 times the fair-trade base price and adding to that receive an additional premium per kg to stimulate syntropic farming. This premium goes to the cooperative to serve interests of local farmers.

Bekijk alle koffie's van Rwanda - Abakundakawa Rushashi

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