Rwanda - Mahembe
Hops, Maple, Zwarte bes
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KEEN Mahembe – Rwanda


Fruity. Herbal. Jammy. The flavours are complex, with bursts of maple syrup, black berry and hops.

Rwandan coffee is getting better by the year, and it just keeps on surprising us! These beans from the Mahembe washing station are intense. Producer, Justin Musabyiama puts a lot of effort into producing high quality specialty coffee, and that effort pops out of this cup!

Justin Musabyiama from the Mahembe washing station has done it again! This wonderful Rwandan coffee starts off with Grapefruit, Hibiscus and Lime to demonstrate it’s vivid acidity and fruity flavours. And then, the Rosehip Marmalade comes in and transforms the coffee into a jammy cup of goodness, with Red Currants and Black Tea in the finish.

This year’s Mahembe is another complex but clean cup and an aftertaste you’ll fall in love with during the very first sip.

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Over de roaster

Keen Coffee

Day in and day out, we work with coffee: testing and approving roasting profiles, selecting new crops and roasting to perfection to share with you.

At Keen Coffee we always search for the best coffees and the most unique flavours. We work directly with farmers, sampling their coffees through cuppings, selecting new crops, and supporting innovative projects to improve the quality of our coffees. Driven by innovation and obsessed with optimising coffee recipes.

Everyday we quest for the perfect cup and will not settle for less.

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Over de farm

Rwanda - Mahembe

Mahembe is a washing station, privately owned by Justin Musabyiama. He also grows his own coffee. Justin left is native home in the Nyamasheke region for some time, but he eventually decided to return home and invest in the community by building a wet mill on his father’s coffee plantation.

Justin has an 8-hectare farm of his own, and buys cherries from the surrounding smallholders. A good supply of cherries is dependent on the relationships Justin has with these farmers, and on his ability to offer higher prices for his specialty coffee lots. His roots and history in this community help him strengthen these relationships.

Justin and the staff at Mahembe are competent, and well trained in managing the delivery of cherries from the farmers. They have strict routines for cherry reception and sorting that ensures high quality beans.

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